Saturday, April 16, 2011

Daily Story 9 - The Devil Game

(This one was going to be completely based off of the angryaussie blogtv sessions I've actually been able to catch, but then it kind of drifted elsewhere.)

I mailed my cousin some Christmas lights once. She did not approve.
I mailed my cousin a black hole once. She did not approve.
I mailed my cousin a disco ball once. She did not approve.
I mailed my sister an emu once. She was very confused.
In my special world, emus have hooves.
I don't know why, but neither do you.
Guess what I'm thinking. Guess what I'm thinking.
What a world. We're all sinking.
In a boat, in a boat. Look out for the goat,
he eats oats. Plus sometimes he'll eat a boat.
I can't complain about my life.
Except I can, so fuck my life.
I hate you all, except I don't.
Seriously, though, look out for the goat.
How are you doing this lovely day?
Do you have enough food? Do you like to eat hay?
All of the children are outside playing.
I still don't know what the fuck I'm saying.
Look out, look out, there's a dog over there.
He's got lots of teeth, and he's covered in hair.
I like to go out and play in the snow.
Christmas lights don't fit in an envelope.
If they did, then that would be great.
I could mail them to people and laugh all day.
Hey, look at me, yes, look at me.
I've played all day, now I'm stuck in a tree.
Um. Puppies are cute. Kittens are as well.
Oh look at Timmy, he fell down a well.
I'm tired of rhyming, it's no longer fun.
So I'm just going to ramble about goats now.
Goats are pretty awesome. They go baa and they eat stuff.
Like garbage. I hear goats eat garbage.
I don't eat garbage. Unless you count dorm food.
Oh snap.
So this one time I was watching something and something happened.
Pretty cool story, huh? Yeah, I know you're amazed.
Oh look I've got a tube of Neosporin on my desk.
I tend to injure myself a lot. Well, not really, but still.
This is probably the most amazing poem that anyone has ever written EVER.
The End

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