Friday, April 22, 2011

Daily Story 88 - DRUGS!

I am off my meds. I like pretty things. I like music about flying dragons. So many pretty things and they are all in dragon form. With wings. Like a dog, only not really. What joy, oh, what joy indeed...

Time for Gatorade. And then bed. But mostly Gatorade. Because I am thursty. I mean thirsty. I need the delete button to function, it seems. Screw the delete utton. And the back arrows . I'm going to typ e without them for a whiel. And see how you like it. Iksno't it fun? Oh jeez that one was ridiculously bad. I should pay more attention to what I'm typing. Like hitting the right lkeys instead of the wrong ones. And i guess it's not the delete button, it's the delete key, I thought button sounded wrong but I didn't really know why exactly but then I remembered tat it's called a key and it's all good now. Like a keyblooard. Yes, a keyboard. They are nifty inventions. Like uh something else that is a nifty invention. I dunno. Pants? Paeper towel? Things like that. Yes. Lightbulgbs are pretty nifty too. So are Lightbulbs. Oh, yeah. I hjust did that. Agh the urge to hit delete is overwhelmig but I will not even though it taekes longer for me to resist the urge to heit dielete instead of just hitting it like I'm used to do iing but WHATERVER. Or WHATEVER. They're both good. Gah it loosks so oawfiul with all these typos why do I suck so bad at this aaaaaaaaaaaaaahahhagh gahghahghahahg ahahahhahaga ghhghghhghaghahhghghhh okay sleep time now. I mean gatorade time. CAPS LOCK IS CRUISE CONTROL FOR AWESOME. Um, yeah. Good night. Or Good drinking. But not like the kind of drinking with alcohol. All i have is gatorade.

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