Sunday, April 24, 2011

Daily Story 128 - Green

Green is the color of Mr. Safety's hair.

Green is the color of the leaves in summer, and of the grass in winter, but only if you live in California or Hawaii or someplace where it's warm in the winter and people can afford to keep nice lawns.

Green is the color of that baby blanket I'm trying to make but I keep forgetting to work on it but maybe I'll work on it for a while now since I can't think of any other things to write about the color green at the moment.

Green is the color of spring because a lot of things turn green in the spring unless you live in Crested Butte where spring doesn't really start until June and the time that the rest of the world calls spring (unless you're in the southern hemisphere in which case you would call it fall) is actually more of a depressing mud season that causes half the population of the town to migrate to Mexico.

Green is the color of my pencil case.

Green is the color of many plants, though for most of these it is only part of the plant that green is the color of.

Green is the color of wings that have been dyed green.

Green is the color of St. Patrick's Day because Ireland has lots of green or something, I dunno.

Green is NOT the school color of the University of Notre Dame, which is kind of weird because they're the Fighting Irish and the Irish really like green for some reason though I guess their mascot is green so I guess that's close enough.

Green is the color that I like the most the majority of the time.

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