Friday, April 22, 2011

Daily Story 80 - Tradition

It was a nice, sunny day in Oakwood, and Kyle didn't feel like staying at home. His parents were arguing about something stupid, and he just wanted to go out and play with his best friend Katie, who also lived next door. The only trouble was, his parents were blocking the doorway and he didn't want to hurt his eardrums by getting too close. So, he did what any other sensible four-year-old would do. He opened the window of his second-story bedroom, climbed out onto the roof, and jumped.

It was very lucky it was winter, because he probably would have hurt himself without the twelve feet of soft, fluffy snow to break his fall. He picked himself up and plowed his way through the snow, then climbed up the few unburied steps to Katie's balcony, where her parents were waiting with hot cocoa and a change of clothes. They were, after all, used to this half-frozen preschooler showing up at their house. It was just another one of those unique Oakwood traditions.

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