Sunday, April 24, 2011

Daily Story 131 - Language

I've always wondered if the things I'm saying really mean what I think they mean. Or if gestures really suggest what I think they suggest. Or if emotions are really expressed like I think they're expressed. After all, I can only see things through my eyes, so who's to say I'm accurate in my assumptions of the actions of others?

Take smiling, for example. I smile when I'm happy or amused, or when I want someone to think I'm happy or amused. I do that because that's what a smile means. But what if I'm wrong? What if a smile is actually code for 'I hate you all, you bastards' and I'm offending everyone around me every time I do it? Sure, they might seem happy in return, but that's only because I think a smile means happy. They could be raging and I'm just interpreting their smile as happy because that's what it means to me.

Or even language, too. I think 'yes' is a positive affirmation and 'no' is a negative, denial-type word. But what if 'yes' means 'no' and 'no' means 'yes' and I've been going around doing all the things I'm not supposed to and everyone's pissed off at me but I don't know it because their methods of expressing emotion are the complete opposite of what I'm interpreting them to be?

It worries me sometimes that this could be the case, but then again, I'm pretty sure it isn't. Still, even if it is, it's not like it affects me because, after all, how am I supposed to tell the difference?

The best part is, if my theory is true, none of you reading this have any idea what I'm really talking about. For all I know, I could have just rambled for three paragraphs about how much I love fish (I hate fish as a food source, and am neutral to mildly positive on fish as wild animals or pets, though I was once obsessed with Finding Nemo and even dressed up as Nemo for Halloween as a Freshman in high school which was kind of weird but at least I was being creative). Or better yet, all you could be seeing is ;ohgtw tq3ktn.cvx ;l gb;joclk3,tegr sbdfxijl ,t egrdfv ;l.q3t aegrdzov ;xcjlk.ta ergzdo;vxihkn.te gsrdknt sgrdzlfh gdzfloj. And that last sentence is the only one that made any sense to you, even though to me it looks like I was just banging on my keyboard. Which is what I did but maybe that's how you people communicate. Hell if I know.

Oh, and I didn't mean 'banging' like the slang term for sexin' even though nobody probably took it that way but I thought about it so I decided to clarify because now you're going to have that mental image stuck in your head. At least, you will if this theory of mine is wrong, which I'm pretty sure it is but I have no way of finding out since if it is true, nothing I say is actually saying what I think it's saying and I have no way of finding out what everyone else is actually saying or thinking or feeling so I might as well keep on living life the way I know how to live it. If I'm right in all this and everything I do is actually offensive and horrible to you, then I apologize, but you probably just read that as 'go fuck yourself' so whatever.

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