Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Daily Story 162 - Octopus on the Run

(I do believe my sister had an experience very much like this when she was teaching in South Korea. I can't remember if it was an octopus or a squid, but I am taking some creative liberties here because I can.)

Once upon a time a happy little octopus was bouncing around on an underwater trampoline because those things totally exist. All of a sudden, it was captured by a bunch of evil fishermen who took it to a fish market. The little octopus was scared, and it did not like the little old Korean woman who was sitting over the bucket it was trapped, so the little octopus decided to escape. It knew the sea was close, so it climbed out of the bucket and flopped its tentacles on the road to propel itself as far away from that little old Korean lady who wanted to sell it to someone who would kill it and eat it. But the little old Korean lady was quick. She stood, grabbed the nearest long, wooden object she could find, and chased after the little octopus. The little octopus hurried as fast as it could, but the little old Korean lady caught up and beat the little octopus into submission. The little octopus was then sold to someone who used it for dinner, and the last minutes of the little octopus's life were filled with fear and despair.

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