Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Daily Story 141 - Queen of the Flies of Death

Flies are deadly at times, and relatively harmless at times, but there is one group of flies that is always deadly, and this group is called the Flies of Death. These flies are deadly in every sense of the word, unless you consider fluffy pillows to be deadly, in which case they wouldn't be the deadliest flies in every sense of the word, as these flies did not approve of fluffy pillows due to them being too small to appreciate the wonderfully soft fluffiness of fluffy pillows. They are still pretty frickin' deadly, though. These flies are governed by a monarchy, and the current monarch is a queen named Joanna. Joanna likes flowers and pretty things and she sort of looks like a bee but she is definitely a fly. She has been ruling the Flies of Death for a long time, and she has done an excellent job of it. By Flies of Death standards, at least. By our standards... well, most people don't really like Flies of Death so Joanna gets a lot of heat from the human community. She can deal with it, though. She's a tough Fly of Death.

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