Friday, April 22, 2011

Daily Story 89 - Cheese Universe

Think about it. An entire universe where everyone ate cheese all the time. Think about all those cows that would have to make all that milk that made all that cheese. Those poor, poor cows. How could they stand it? Making cheese all the time. No, wait, making the milk for the cheese all the time.

I guess the goats could help them out, too. And... actually, are there other animals that make milk that people drink? Besides people milk. I don't think many people would want people cheese. Just saying the phrase 'people cheese' sounds horribly wrong and brings up unwanted mental images. Ew.

But the goats and the cows could make a lot of milk together, and a lot of baby cows and baby goats so that there are more of them to make more milk, and I guess if it wasn't all the time it wouldn't be too bad. Maybe just for like every meal or something. That would still be a lot of cheese, though. There would have to be like four times as many cows as needed for the bare minimum, just so that they could take turns and have a life beyond making cheese. Milk. Milk for the cheese.

I'm glad I'm not a cow.

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