Friday, April 22, 2011

Daily Story 78 - A Conversation

(No, this isn't based on a real conversation I've had, but it is still an incredibly valid question.)

"You ever try to concentrate on something, but you end up getting stuck on a completely different subject and just can't stop thinking about it?"

"Hm, yeah, maybe. What kind of subject do you mean?"

"Well, like... what if the entire universe was made of ducks?"

"That's impossible."

"Yeah, but what if it were possible?"

"How could that possibly even work?"

"Just pretend it could! Jeez, do you really have to make everything so complicated?"

"Hey, I'm not the one who wants the universe to be made of ducks."

"I didn't say I wanted it to be made of ducks! I just said what if it was made of ducks!"

"But what does that even entail?"

"Hell if I know, that's why I was asking."

"You seriously have no idea? How did this idea even occur to you, then?"

"Beats me. But I guess I mean, like... if instead of earth, and air, and molecules and stuff, everything was just an assortment of ducks."

"So like duck molecules in the air?"

"No, the ducks would be the air."

"You'd be breathing ducks, then?"

"Yeah, something like that."

"That'd be... weird."

"Hehe, I just got the best mental image of a guy getting transported to an all-duck universe and being driven mad by the constant quacking of all the ducks that were engulfing him."

"...Let me guess, your roommate let you have sugar today, is that it?"

"Hehehehe, I like Milk Duds."

"...Of course you do."

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