Sunday, August 21, 2011

Daily Story 283 - Abnormaal

Some things are normal. Some things are not. Some things are in a lovely grey area that makes it difficult to determine whether they are normal or abnormal. Life is funny like that.

Daily Story 282 - Zinnelijk

The little girl had a problem with her senses. All of her senses were extra-sensitive, which was frustrating whenever she was injured or stuck in a room full of poo. Luckily, she learned to avoid injuries and poo-filled rooms, so her life was pretty good, especially when she discovered scented candles and... well, some of the items available at adult stores.

Daily Story 281 - Yamswortel

Yams are weird. Seriously, who likes yams, anyway?

Daily Story 280 - X-benen

Some people have strange legs. I don't. My legs seem to be pretty normal.

Daily Story 279 - Wauwelen

Two children were talking a lot. They were sitting in a bus that was mostly full of deaf people. The deaf people didn't seem to mind the constant chatter from the backseat where the children sat.

Daily Story 278 - Verhouding

The kingdom had far too many jelly beans. The neighboring kingdom had a constant shortage. Both kingdoms felt like there was something wrong when the ratio of jelly beans between two kingdoms was so incredibly one-sided.

Daily Story 277 - Uitdeling

The young princess was not a typical Disney Princess. As the king and queen were busy running the kingdom, she spent her time putting her mathematic skills to work as she helped them to decide how the tax money would be distributed amongst the wealth of worthy projects around the land. She also distributed jelly beans to underprivileged children. The kingdom had a surplus of jelly beans and there was not much else they could do with them, and receiving jelly beans from the princess did ever so much to brighten up an underprivileged child's day.

Daily Story 276 - Tuinbouw

I am not the best at taking care of plants. Sometimes I do well and the plants survive for a long time, but sometimes I forget they exist and they die.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Daily Story 275 - Schaafsel

There was a woman who made wood carvings. She gave the shavings to her husband for the barbecue that night. It was a very tasty barbecue.

Daily Story 274 - Ruimte

Two small kittens were in a very small box. They did not have much room to move around. One of them had to pee. The other was not pleased with this. They were both given a bath later that day.

Daily Story 273 - Quadrant

At the Four Corners Monument in southwest America, there is a circle where Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah are all touching. This circle is divided into quadrants, and one can be in all four quadrants at once if they so choose.

Daily Story 272 - Put

Some guy was walking around one day and he fell down into a hole.

Daily Story 271 - Onverstaanbaar

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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Daily Story 270 - Nodiging

All the cool kids at school got invited to the big party at the pool on Saturday. I wasn't a cool kid, so I wasn't invited.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Daily Story 269 - Melasse

Molasses takes forever to run down a hill.

Daily Story 268 - Landbouwwerkzaamheden

The farm in the distant country was filled with hardworking people. These people liked to work together on the fields and they also liked to have activities relating to the wonderful world of agriculture.

Daily Story 267 - Kanariegeel

Jimmy had a parrot. The parrot's favorite color was canary yellow. The parrot was also having an identity crisis.

Daily Story 266 - Jammeren

Sad people wail sometimes. This shows that they are really sad and that they are probably going to need some form of comfort or support from someone around them. This is a very bad time to hit them with a jackhammer.

Daily Story 265 - Ingezetene

There was a house on a road in the far distant countryside. This has had two people living in it. The people liked to eat butter. And nothing else.

Daily Story 264 - Hanig

Some people are not very pleasant to be around. They are temperamental and not very nice. Avoid these people at all costs. They will track you down and cut out your heart with a rusty spoon. Trust me, it does not feel pleasant.

Daily Story 263 - Gastheer

Sometimes people have friends over. When somebody has a friend over, they are the host, and they are general expected to act in a way befitting a host. This is important because nobody likes a host that doesn't actually host things.

Daily Story 262 - Faam

That donkey was pretty famous, too.

Daily Story 261 - Ezeldrijver

The smart donkey, before it was shot, had a lot of important meetings it had to go to. The donkey would be driven to these meetings by a swell young lady named June. June liked the month of December because she thought it was ironic, and she liked to be trendy. She also crashed a lot. It wasn't her fault, though. It was all because of the owls.

Daily Story 260 - Drukkersknecht

There once was a printer who printed many things. He got tired of lifting things and doing all the hard work involved with printing, so one day he hired an assistant. The assistant liked to help him and do things that were printerrific. They had some good times together.

Daily Story 259 - Condensstreep

Sometimes water evaporates. Sometimes there are trails that people follow. Sometimes water vapor leaves a trail. I'm not really sure how that looks right now because I'm tired. I'm pretty sure it's scientific, though.

Daily Story 258 - Algemeenheid

Some things are unique to you. Some things are universal. If you are reading this, then that means you can read. Congratulations, you are educated and are either free of reading disabilities or have overcome said reading disabilities.

Daily Story 257 - Boevenpak

There was a man who murdered somebody. He went to prison and wore prison clothes while he was in prison, because that's what you do when you go to prison. Well, you do other stuff, too, but that's one of the things you do.