Sunday, April 24, 2011

Daily Story 115 - All Aboard the Fishtoe Train

Timmy the Little Fishy That Could was not satisfied with his humble little life in his humble little town in the humble little subdivision of Hootersville where all the restaurants were run by owls and tacos reigned supreme. He wished to leave home and go off on an exciting adventure of epicness so that he could save his little brother from the dreaded Aidscancerhepatitisinfluenzabipolardeathholocaust disease that threatened to destroy that sweet little child and everything he stood for, which was mostly pancakes and rubbing alcohol. And so, one day Timmy the Little Fishy That Could decided to ride the Fishtoe Train to the nearest Epic Adventure Destination he could find. However, the Fishtoe Train was a dangerous place for a young Little Fishy That Could, as the Fishtoe Train collected and transported fish toes to all the various merchants around the land. Timmy was certain that he would avoid any trouble, however, as he was a smart Little Fishy That Could and he knew that fishes like him had no toes and therefore would not be in any danger of losing them. And so, Timmy the Little Fishy That Could safely rode the Fishtoe Train, had his adventure, and returned to Hootersville just in time to save his little brother's life. In the end, everything was good, and Timmy the Little Fishy That Could was happy that he had saved the day without having to sacrifice any of his nonexistent fish toes.

The End.

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