Friday, April 22, 2011

Daily Story 77 - This One's Only Two Sentences Long...

Once upon a time, in a faraway land, where things were happy and peaceful and joyous and warm and full of life, and all the children wore beautiful clothing and smiled all the time, as birds tweeted and sang their sweet songs in a joyous fashion, and men and women alike went about their daily routines with a song in their hearts while the elderly lived in comfort, as the green grass swayed delicately in the breeze on the distant fields where the cattle and sheep, which were never treated poorly, grazed to their heart's content as the ducks, whose quacks were melodious and pleasant to the ear, and geese, which were never aggressive towards anything, swam and played in the great blue pond where the children liked to play when they were not broadening their horizons at the brilliantly run public schools or learning the joys of helping their families with the household chores, and rabbits ran free over the flowering meadows without a care in the world while wolves feasted exclusively on the delicious flesh of the few evil creatures that dared to attack this heavenly land, there lived a boy named Timmy, who liked to pretend he was a knight and ran about saving the neighborhood girls from the evils of dirty puddles and packages that were difficult to open, which happened to include oranges, while his friends followed behind and pretended to be the brave knight's loyal soldiers, which was quite acceptable to their parents, who strived daily to teach their children to be the very best they could be, because the reason this land had done so well was because everyone tried their very best to be good people, which meant teaching their children to be good people through example, and these children were a very good and intelligent bunch, so they learned this skill superbly, and so the parents liked to see their children playing games that also helped other children, whose own games were similarly happy and uplifting, when they weren't too busy attending school or doing chores, which they often turned into a game just because there was no reason to be dull or boring, which they did so wonderfully that they hardly had to spend any time on it at all, but they chose to do so anyway because they were wonderful children, and Timmy was the best of them all.

Unfortunately, Timmy got hit by a bus and died.

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