Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Daily Story 139 - Feeling is a Sad Thing

Feeling was not a very happy thing that morning. It wanted to be a happy thing, but it was a sad thing. So, instead of frolicking in the flowers the way it usually did when it was happy, it moped around in the graveyard for a while, then realized that the graveyard was a scary place so it decided to go to the cemetery instead, because cemeteries are, by definition, less scary than graveyards. Blame the media for that one, kids.

Feeling was not very sure why it was so sad, but it probably had something to do with the fact that Feeling's dog had just died and Feeling was broke and things just were not going very well for Feeling. It decided to go to the part for a while in the hopes that it would cheer up, but instead everyone at the park just started feeling a little mopey and depressed, which was not Feeling's intent, so Feeling went to a nearby bar, bought a few shots of tequila, and drank up. Feeling was pretty happy after that, so it went back to the park where everyone was still a little mopey and depressed, and soon everybody at the park was happy and lacking in hand-eye coordination.

So remember, kids, when in doubt, get drunk.

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