Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Daily Story 148 - The Chopper

Things were like a big balloon of fishsticks before the chopper arrived. If you don't know what a big balloon of fishsticks is like, then let me tell you. It is big, balloony, and it reeks of fishsticks, which is okay for a little while if you like fishsticks, but even then, it gets real old real fast. The chopper was an interesting person. He liked to chop things, and there were many things that needed chopping in that little town. Like people. And by people I mean logs. Yes. Tree logs. And also some dead people, as the town's burial traditions did involve chopping up the deceased's body so that it could be cremated in several different places at once. That way, the spirit of the deceased could spread throughout the land much more quickly, and thus do a better job of protecting the people of the town.

So that probably explains why things were like a big balloon of fishsticks. I don't recall what fishsticks smell like, but I imagine the smell of dead bodies is similar (hey, I hate the smell of fish and I hate the smell of dead bodies, so that's similar enough for me), and I hear corpses get a little bloaty and... okay, that's enough talking about dead things. Let's talk about balloons now. They're pretty.

Anyway, the chopper was welcomed into the town and he chopped things very well. He didn't even chop anything he wasn't supposed to chop, like some guy's precious wooden sculpture or some girl's new baby. Chopping babies is bad, folks. Don't do it.

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