Sunday, April 24, 2011

Daily Story 102 - That Explains A Lot

So it turns out it's a bad idea to take antacids while on Adderall. I did not, in fact, learn this from experience, but rather from a google search while trying to figure out if I would die if I took something to get rid of the awful feeling of nausea and "I have to burp but if I let it all out I could end up vomiting" and I'm really scared of vomiting because it's disgusting and it's really hard to get to the point for me to be comfortable enough to actually let it happen so I'd much rather make that feeling go away as long as making that feeling go away won't end with me dying because I'm making it worse and I figured the internet would know a way to accomplish that because lots of people get sick and stuff and the INTERNET KNOWS ALL. However, all I could find was "antacids and Adderall ish BAD" and "ADDERALL HAS SIED EFEXKTS OMG" and "IT'S LESS ADIKTING THEN SPEEEEEEED" and so on, which is good to know, but not very helpful when one is feeling sick and would really like to know how to feel less sick.

In the end, I gave up and decided to go for a more reliable source of information, even though that would mean using the phone and I hate doing that though it was just my mom so it's not all that bad. I hadn't gone for that option at first since it was late and I didn't want to wake my parents up if they were sleeping (they usually go to bed around the time I was considering calling them) but since the internet was giving me nothing, I was just like "screw it" and called my mom's cell phone, which is better for our phone plan and thus the first number I call when trying to reach her. I got the answering machine, so I figured she was either asleep or hadn't been able to find the phone in time, so I left a message and went back to moping around and trying to see if I could make myself feel better by sitting in a comfy chair and breathing. Or something along those lines. The phone rang a couple minutes later, and I answered, hoping that my mom would have a decent solution to my semi-late-night dilemma.



I should probably mention, my mother has a very distinct laugh, so I knew it was her immediately. That didn't stop me from being confused, though.

"I was sleeping and I heard the phone ringing and I answered it in my dreams AHEHHEHHEHHEHEHHEH and AHEHHEH then Dad asked, 'is the phone ringing?' and I AHEHHEHHEH told him 'well, it shouldn't be, because I just' AHEHHEH 'answered it,' AHEHHEHHEH but I actually answered it in my dreams so it was still ringing... AHEHHEHEH So then Dad handed me the regular phone AHEHHEH but that wasn't the right one and we had to go searching for AHEHHEH the cell phone! AHEHHEHHEH! We ended up calling it and found it that way. So, what did you need help with?"

Um, yeah. So my mom was asleep, and she heard the phone ringing, so she answered it in her dream. Then, when my dad tried to get the phone so she could answer it, but he gave her the wrong one, and they had to go searching for the cell phone.

The good news is, I now have a solution to my stomach problems. I also have very solid evidence that I am not some freak of nature. I just take after my parents.

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