Sunday, April 24, 2011

Daily Story 107- What

(I would suggest reading this one out loud)

There was once a man with a giant hamburger. He ate it one day and things were good.

To me the food bell din ought lake bean keg to round.

Kiwi sin tall weigh saw food bells, oh. Key you stew bee as quill, butter cotton tune orgy mint win as quill. Hit wasp in dividends quill. Hit wasp not to me. Keyed in tar glue wink in shelf. Munch.

Soak ego man jig leap earned unto of food bell. Peek us the leather's quill woe smear.

Saw to me woe saw food bell new. Awe the get sat this cool you steam whim zap laid oft errs cool, daring gin, a tree says, undoing food bell broke this. Won get gnome chow wee hat fiend to me inner man jig all for us tin the lie berry.

This cool hats am string sings caw wing awe non sighed.

The stew din that hick to me ant bra time do haze gin touch her. Though gin touch her gnaw they to me hat bee gnaws quill putty tiding cure. Thin eat it of food bell add this cool. Saw to me who spa tin though he quit mint rum.

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Wonder thick it swear blue ying we to me ants um won key them offered offense. To me go train off are pay at rack. No we whistle me so flu tinned food bell. Hit add nod art peek us hue who safe food bell. Nun offer cats went into bluish harmony mar, though chow wee too come human bud hemming at rest. Chow wee that sod rest raked berry putty onto me.

Frown dot ban tan, to me saw tan chow wheels dry sir in fought uh beta main ingot laugh. Hide in dove in image or ape if any, sew. Hue is of flu tinned food bell whiff mage orb rain dim age hoot and won spin ace quill.

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