Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Daily Story 154 - For the Wheezygator

Are you a clone-eating alligator who just can't stop feeling empty?

Are you tired of being verbally attacked by angry clone fans?

Are you tired of being dependent on the technology of some bearded guy with bango face teeth?

If so, you should try our exciting new product!

Try Clonestitute!

Made by people who love clones but still feel sorry for hungry alligators, Clonestitute brings all the joys of saving clones together with the satisfaction of tasty clone flesh in your belly to create a super-awesome clone substitute!

We use only the finest products in our Clonestitute, and every single serving is 100% clone-free. This product is guaranteed to get angry clone-lovers off your back, and you'll probably even enjoy the way it tastes!

Clonestitute. Even if it's not as heavenly a taste as real clone flesh, it's a hell of a lot better than starving.

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