Saturday, April 16, 2011

Daily Story 10 - Hugs Are Great

Once upon a time there was a dog and he rode this boat and shit happened. The dog traveled all over the world on the boat and they visited remote island civilizations and rode on top of gigantic waves and all sorts of things like that. It was pretty awesome, except the dog had a constant need for hugs. He couldn't last a day without getting hugged at least five times, otherwise he would pee all over everyone's beds since his bladder control was directly affected by the amount of hugs he got in a day. It was a very rare and debilitating condition, because this dog didn't like the fact that he peed all over everyone's things. It was kind of gross.

One day, the boat arrived on some strange island where everyone wore big yellow hats. There was no particular reason for wearing these hats; it was just the latest fashion trend. This was the place where the dog met the man who would cure him of his horrible condition.

This man was very talented. He knew how to make all sorts of things happen. He also knew a lot about dogs and the peculiar condition of not being able to control one's bladder without being hugged. And, of course, he knew the cure. So when the dog had spent some time on the island and peed on a few people's beds, this man decided to help the dog, mainly because he didn't like the smell of dog pee that pervaded the village in which he lived.
The dog came to the man's house one morning and sat patiently, waiting to be cured. Fortunately, the man acted quickly, and he did some things with medicine and physical therapy that eventually cured the dog of his strange bladder condition.

The dog was very happy about this cure. He wagged his tail a bunch and barked happily at people. Then he went onto the boat and grabbed a big purse that had a bunch of things that would be valuable to the people on the island. He gave the purse to the man who had cured him and barked again, then returned to the boat to go off on his next adventure, confident that he would be able to live without hugs from now on.

People still hugged him, though, because he was quite an adorable little dog, and this pleased him.

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