Saturday, April 16, 2011

Daily Story 11 - Happy Bunnies Go Hop

Once upon a time there were three happy bunnies. There was also a sad bunny, but nobody likes sad bunnies so he's not important. The three happy bunnies were Cutesy, Wutesy, and Tutesy, and they were the happiest three bunny sisters in the whole wide world. They would go hop, hop, hop, all the way to the playground, and they would hop, hop, hop as they climbed up the jungle gym. They would hop, hop, hop as they slid down the slide, and they would hop, hop, hop as they swung on the swings.

One day, Tutesy realized that it was hard to slide down the slide and swing on the swings while hopping, and she decided not to hop, hop, hop while she played. Wutesy and Cutesy looked at her as if she was insane, and they hop, hop, hopped over to her to ask what was wrong.

"Why aren't you hop, hop, hopping?" Cutesy asked.

"Are you sad?" Wutesy asked.

"No, I'm all right," Tutesy replied. "I'm just seeing what it's like to play without hop, hop, hopping."

"That sounds crazy!" Wutesy exclaimed. "Hop, hop, hopping is what we do whenever we're happy!"

"She's right," Cutesy agreed. "You should keep hop, hop, hopping!"

"But it's more fun to slide down the slide without hop, hop, hopping!" Tutesy said. "And you can swing higher on the swings if you don't hop, hop, hop!"

"Really?" Cutesy asked.

"Yeah!" Tutesy answered.

"But we have to hop, hop, hop sometimes!" Wutesy pointed out. "Hop, hop, hopping is what happy bunnies do!"

"Well, it's still fun to hop, hop, hop on our way to the playground," Tutesy said.

"Yeah, and we can still hop, hop, hop when we play tag," Cutesy added.

"Right! And we can hop, hop, hop when we have races, and we can hop, hop, hop on our way home!" Wutesy exclaimed.

"Yeah!" Tutesy agreed. "There's lots of times we can hop, hop, hop!"

And so, from then on, the three happy bunnies would only hop, hop, hop when it didn't get in the way of their fun and games.

Dick joke.

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