Saturday, April 16, 2011

Daily Story 12 - The Annoying Dog

I am a dog and I like to bark. I bark a lot and I eat a lot and I do other things a lot.

So yeah, I do things a lot and it's great, isn't it? Because I bark a lot and things happen and people love me except sometimes they don't because I bark a lot and they get annoyed even though I'm just being a dog and dogs are cute right? Dogs are totally cute we have big fluffy ears and cute little noses and we're adorable so why do people hate it when we bark? We're just being cute, so you shouldn't be mad at us.

Though I guess sometimes it gets annoying when we bark so much because it's annoying and it does get annoying when we bark a lot and I get a headache but I keep barking because I'm a dog and that's what we do. I like barking, it's fun. It's the way we talk to each other, too, so you shouldn't hate us because we like to talk to each other. That's just mean, so stop it. Stop it. STOP IT NOW OR I'LL BITE YOU IN THE ASS. Please? I like barking and I don't like it when people are mean to me because it's not fun and I like to bark so don't be mean to me. Woof woof bark bark ruff ruff bow wow et cetera I'M CUTE.

So yesterday I was digging a hole and I found a bone. It was a big bone and I like to chew on bones because I'm a dog and that's just how we roll. So I took it home and I chewed on it at home but then my people yelled at me because I was getting the carpet dirty or some shit so I took it outside and kept chewing on it out there. It was lots of fun and I like chewing on bones. Do you like chewing on bones? Of course you do, everyone likes it. Humans say they don't but that's because they've never tried it and they're all crazy. Anyway, it was fun because I'm a dog and I like to chew bones and bark because I'm a dog and that's what dogs do. Okay I gotta go do dog stuff now. Bye bye!

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