Saturday, April 16, 2011

Daily Story 8 - Whoops

Dots are funny. Dogs are pretty awesome, too. Dogs go woof. They go woof and they go bark and they go awooooo and they go yip and they go GIVE ME FOOD BITCH and they go grrrr and they go ruff and so on and so forth. And sometimes they eat cake though they probably shouldn't because cake is bad for them and it's got way too much sugar in it and it's just bad but whatever cake is tasty. But mostly they eat poop.

I have a dog named Juno. I love her. She does a lot of amazing things, such as roll over spastically and sniff things. Yes, I know, impressive, isn't it? But most importantly, she is adorable. She is so adorable that I stare at pictures of her all the time when I'm not at home with her. In fact, I'm staring at one right now. As I write these very words. She is there, hiding in the words on this page, with her big brown eyes and her soft black fur, and I feel as though I can just reach out and touch her... yes, I think I'll pet her now. Oh, Juno, why does your fur feel like a computer screen? You should take a bath. Just come here, come to the tub, get in... no, Juno, don't run off like that, come here. Yes, come here. Come on, Juno, just get in here. Oofd, jeez, you;re heabvy. Therre we go. Nowq, don;t tryu jumnpping ouit liek tahat. stay in there. good girl. yes, i know yoiuu hatree batyjgfhds. no, i'm mnnot giongt o lete yuou outr/ here, habve a treast. tere yu go... okay, i'm going tp tur te warwe oqn noq. that's it, you're okaghsioga jterytdthstej ilewt3$4y6gr d5647 y ejtfgnie'w[erst gdfl;'-e[-sp gow []sdlg;dfbd/b' fl'sf klrklsntq4j3oqj ;`; j4 31523 /w dkgrhopbd jlgopsd;bj;gsfljfsdf;j fiajd fa;a fih ;a aghfdy dbeby bmvhxbdh veghfn 4wertdhgf234 twergs ^$% Yerth UJgf5^UFG y ethgfdn vyrthdfgbc oh shit, I just put my laptop in the bathtub, didn't I? Yes, she is that adorable.

In conclusion, dogs are awesome, and I need a new computer. Preferably one that's waterproof.

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