Monday, April 18, 2011

Daily Story 44 - A Day in the Life of Juno

Juno woke up early one morning and yawned as she stood and stretched her limbs. She walked into the living room and then out to the sun room, where she sat watching the minimal signs of life out on the street. After a while, she stood and returned to the bedroom, then whined to wake someone up so that they would take her out on a walk.

She couldn't stay still as one of the humans woke up and got ready to take her outside. The human put on some warm clothes, then sat on the couch and put on some socks and shoes. She made it difficult for them to put on her harness because she was so excited to go outside.

They walked until they were out of town, then the human took her leash off and she ran around on the snow-covered road and jumped into the snowbanks and generally amused herself and the human. When they got back home, she ate breakfast and then got a treat. She slept for a while, then wandered around, got some attention from the humans, slept some more, and went for another walk in the afternoon. When she came back, she ate dinner and got another treat. Then she waited for the humans to eat dinner and begged for food under the table. Then she slept some more. When it was time for the humans to go to bed, she got up and went to sleep in the humans' bedroom.

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