Monday, April 18, 2011

Daily Story 42 - A Christmas tree and its feelings while it's being decorated

(I asked my mom for something to write about and she came up with what you see in the title.)

The tree had grown in the forest on the mountain for several years now. It was determined to be one of the tallest in the land, but that dream was cut short. By an axe. In the middle of winter. The tree had been chosen, out of all those trees in the forest, to become what the elders called a 'Christmas tree.' To some it was the greatest honor in the world, but to others, it was the most horrible fate a tree could experience. This tree supposed it depended on the circumstances.

Its journey from the forest was an interesting one, to say the least. It rode in the back of a truck to a house on the hill and soon found itself standing inside a warm living room. It wondered what awaited it as several small children ran around with happy grins and colorful balls and figures. The grown-ups draped strings of lights and some tinsel around it, and the children hung their items from its branches. Soon the tree felt weighed down by everything that hung on it, but it soon grew used to the weight. Everyone circled around it, looking up at it in awe and smiling, and the tree felt proud as the people called it beautiful and wonderful.

It loved to see the happy children running around the place, and it loved to be given so much attention. What it didn't love, however, was when they took it out of the house and brought it back to the forest. Its life was pretty boring after that, not to mention short...

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