Sunday, April 17, 2011

Daily Story 41 - Ladder Lamp

Once upon a time a strong young man worked on a farm as a lumberjack. Evidently there were a lot of trees that needed cutting on this farm, as the lumberjack worked there for a very long time. He would chop down trees, cut them into logs, and bring the wood up to the barn to store for when the farmer's family needed firewood. He would climb the ladder into the barn loft and stack the logs in the far corner. There they would rest until it was time to be used.

This man worked late into the nights sometimes, and he would bring a lamp with him to light his way from the forest to the barn loft. While he stacked logs in the far corner, the lamp and the ladder would tell each other stories of days long past, and over time, they slowly began to fall in love.

One day, the lumberjack stopped coming into work. He had finished his job on the farm, and he took his lamp with him to his new workplace, leaving the ladder alone with only one thing to remember its dear lamp. Not long after the lumberjack had left for good, the ladder gave birth to a shining little ladder that looked so much like the lamp that the ladder could not bear to let the poor thing out of its sight. Now there are two ladders in that barn, and one provides illumination as long as one hits the switch on the side.

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