Sunday, April 17, 2011

Daily Story 40 - Be Strong, Little Sister

"Is that her?" Kyle asked his father, looking curiously through the window from his father's arms.

"Yes, that's her," his father replied. "That's your little sister Molly."

"She's tiny."

"I know," his father said. "That's because she came out too early. Babies are supposed to grow more inside their mother's bellies."

"So how come Molly didn't?"

His father sighed. "Sometimes things don't work out the way they're supposed to. You came out early, too."

"I did?" Kyle asked, looking up at his father.

"Yeah, you sure did. In fact, the first time I ever held you, you were lying back in the corner over there. You were just as tiny as Molly, maybe even tinier. You grabbed my big finger and didn't let go."

Kyle looked back through the glass. "Can I hold her?"

"In a little bit. We have to wait for the doctors to finish checking up on her."

He fidgeted in his father's grasp as they waited. When it was finally time for them to go in, he stared down at his little sister in amazement. Her eyes were barely open, but she looked straight at him. He smiled and waved, and she moved her little fist up and down.

"She waved at me!"

"She must know you're her big brother," his father said quietly. "Here, put your hand through here... yeah, there you go, now you can hold her like this, see?"

"Wow... she's really light!"

"She'll get heavier. Here, let's slowly put her down... yeah, good job. You're going to be a great big brother. See, look, she's already reaching for you."

Kyle put his hand down right in front of his sister's hand, and he smiled as she grabbed onto his finger. "She's holding real tight, daddy."

"I guess that means she's strong."

"That means she's getting better, right?" Kyle asked.

"I hope so. Come on, we need to check up on your mother before Mr. Tibman takes you home."

Kyle looked back at his little sister and smiled at her. "Keep being strong, Molly. I've got a lot of games I want to play with you when you're bigger."

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