Sunday, April 17, 2011

Daily Story 39 - Taco Tuesday

They always serve tacos on Tuesday. It's a strange and often horrifying kind of taco, but nevertheless it is still a taco. The people like to eat these tacos, but they prefer a less disgusting type of taco, so they often decide to eat tacos elsewhere. The Tuesday tacos are free, though, so anyone who doesn't like to spend money will stop caring about how disgusting these tacos are and eat them anyway.

Tacos like to be eaten. They also like to dance. They dance a lot, and life is good until the day they are eaten, at which time they are no longer tacos but whatever tacos become after they are eaten. Tacos do not know what happens to them after they are eaten, but they like to think it involves potatoes. Nobody knows why they like to think this, but it doesn't really matter to the tacos. They just like to have fun until they are eaten. They dance around, and sometimes they poke things.

The life of a Tuesday taco is very special indeed.

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