Sunday, April 17, 2011

Daily Story 37 - I Miss Gandhi... and Cats in General

(Note: This was written before Gandhi was put to sleep in January.)

(Mom, since I know you're going to read this... why don't we have a cat?)

Alex stared out the window at the falling snow going drip drip drip.

Oh, wait. That wasn't snow.

Alex stared out the window at the falling blood going drip drip drip.

Apparently there was a wounded bird on the rooftop. Alex called animal control and they brought the bird to a vet.

Alex stared out the window at the falling peppermints going drip drip drip.

He had no idea what was going on now.

Alex stared out the window at the falling rain going drip drip drip.

It was a depressing sort of storm. He wanted to go outside and play with his friends, but it was too cold and the rain was coming down too hard. He was stuck in this house with nothing but a lazy cat to keep him company. His parents weren't home, and they didn't like him having company over when they were away, so he had to stay there all by himself. The electricity had gone out so he couldn't watch TV or play computer games. He had a few books, but the light was too dim to read them. He supposed he could find a flashlight, but the house was cold and he didn't want to leave his warm spot. So he sat and stared out the window, thinking of days when he would play in the great oak tree out front. He stared at the branches, watching them sway as they submitted to the strong winds of the storm. His life was changing, and he was afraid of what the future held.

He wrapped his arms around his chest and shrank deeper into his pile of pillows. Just then, he heard a meow, and he looked at the floor to see his cat just before it jumped up and curled up against his chest. Alex smiled and stroked the cat's warm, soft fur. She must have been cold, too...

He looked out the window again. The storm was still going strong, but he wasn't out in it. He was safe, behind this glass window, and he was warm.

That's all that mattered to him.

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