Sunday, April 17, 2011

Daily Story 34 - Where Does the Fuzz Go?

The fuzz is fuzzy and soft like fuzz should be. It lives in a house by the woods near the city, and it works in a house in the city by the lake. Sometimes, though, the fuzz disappears, and nobody knows where it might go. Nobody knows where it might be found.

Does it go here? Does it go there? Does it go everywhere? Does it go anywhere? Could it be swimming deep in the lake? Could it be raking your leaves with a rake? Might it have found a new game to play? Might it be searching for acting gigs in L.A.? The fuzz is gone, I have searched home and work. I suppose I'll just have to ask my friend Turk.

The fuzz is mysterious, as any fuzz should be. However, I miss the fuzz. The fuzz is my best friend, and I hate to see it leave me the way that it does. If you see my fuzz friend, please let me know. I want to play games with my friend the fuzz. I get lonely without it. You know what I mean?

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