Thursday, April 14, 2011

Daily Story 2 - The Pretty Princess

Once upon a time there was a Pretty Princess.  "I am a Pretty Princess," the Pretty Princess said one day.  "I shall go off and do Pretty Princess things, for that is what Pretty Princesses do."

"But you have to go to Pretty Princess school today," his mother said.  For this Pretty Princess was indeed a boy.  Don't ask me how that works, because I don't have a goddamn clue.  This Pretty Princess was still quite pretty, however, otherwise he wouldn't have been a Pretty Princess.

"Oh, all right," the Pretty Princess said with a sad voice.  "I'll go to Pretty Princess school, but afterward I will do many Pretty Princess things."

The Pretty Princess went to school with a pretty pink princess dress and a pretty blue princess bow in his hair.  He arrived at his classroom and sat down in his pretty white princess chair next to his best Pretty Princess friend, Susie.

"Oh, my, what a pretty pink princess dress you're wearing today!" Pretty Princess Susie exclaimed as she looked at her Pretty Princess friend.

"Thank you!  And what a pretty yellow princess dress you're wearing today!" the Pretty Princess said.
Class began, and all the Pretty Princesses took their seats and listened to their Pretty Princess teacher.  All the other Pretty Princesses were girls, because girls have vaginas and boys have penises, and all the other Pretty Princesses had vaginas.  *But nobody noticed that the Pretty Princess was a boy, because Pretty Princesses never took their clothes off except to bathe in their private bathtubs where nobody else could see their external genitalia.  That just wouldn't be proper for Pretty Princesses.

"I am going to throw a slumber party this evening," said the Pretty Princess once school was over.  "And you are all invited!"

"Huzzah!" cried the other Pretty Princesses, and they all scurried home to make themselves proper for a Pretty Princess slumber party.

The Pretty Princess was very happy because all his Pretty Princess friends enjoyed the slumber party.  They did many Pretty Princess things and didn't go to sleep until late at night, when they finally changed into their pretty rainbow princess pajamas and went to bed.  The Pretty Princess snuggled happily under the covers of his pretty pink princess bed covers.  Today was a good day, he thought.  Oh, how I love being a Pretty Princess.

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