Thursday, April 14, 2011

Daily Story 1 - Timmy the Football

Timmy the Football did not like being kicked around.

He wasn't always a football, though. He used to be a squirrel, but he got into an argument with a squirrel. It was a different squirrel. It wasn't Timmy. He didn't argue with himself. Much.

So he got magically turned into a football. Because that other squirrel was mean.

So Timmy was a football now. All the kids at the school used him when they played after school, during gym, at recess, and during football practice. One kid named Joey had found Timmy in a magical forest in the library.
The school had some strange things going on inside.

The student had hugged Timmy and brought him to his gym teacher. The gym teacher knew that Timmy had been a squirrel but he didn't care. They needed a football at the school. So Timmy was put in the equipment room.

Joey didn't like to play football before he found Timmy. Joey liked football after he found Timmy, though. He played with Timmy all the time. Timmy was losing his brain with all the games kids played with him. But Joey was gentle. Joey didn't throw Timmy around so hard. When they finished playing football after school, Joey would stay late to have tea parties with Timmy. Timmy couldn't drink the tea because he was a football. He just sat there while Joey splashed tea on him. Joey would wash the tea off of Timmy before he went home, because Joey was polite and well-mannered and he took care of his things.

One day the kids were playing with Timmy and someone kicked him over the fence. Timmy got run over by a truck. Now he was Timmy the Flattened Football. It didn't hurt because he was a football. None of the kids wanted to play with him anymore, so Joey took him home and put him in a dress. Joey thought the dress looked very pretty on Timmy.

From that point on, Timmy sat on Joey's dresser and thought about the meaning of life. He didn't have any major epiphanies, though. He was a flattened football with major brain damage who had once been a squirrel.

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