Saturday, April 16, 2011

Daily Story 15 - Dreaming

I am here, every day. A prisoner in this strange place. I have never been able to leave. I have tried countless times, but have never been successful. Not once have I escaped, though I've tried countless times. And yet I have never been punished for my actions. In fact, nobody ever seems to acknowledge that I've even made an attempt to escape. I always wake up in that same room, in the same way I went to bed the night before I made my escape. When I mention the attempt to the people who come into my room, they tell me I must have been dreaming.

I'm positive they want me to think I'm dreaming these attempts so that I'll stop trying to escape. The clock on the wall says it's 8:30 when I wake up, and the date is always the day I tried to escape, even though once or twice I managed to elude the guards for three straight days. If I injured myself, I find myself completely healed. I cut my forearm once, the night before an attempt. They all saw the cut before I tried to escape the following day, and when I woke up, the cut was there. Sometimes I wonder if it really is a dream, but I know that it's real. I know I have no proof, but there are a few things that give me hope that I have a chance of escaping. After all, this place has such an elaborate security system that whoever runs it would have to be a millionaire. They could easily afford to keep me unconscious long enough for my body to heal, and they keep me so isolated that it would be easy to manipulate the date and time to match my official wake-up time.

That's another thing, too. Whenever I try to escape, I always wake up at 8:30 in the morning when they bring me back, but between attempts, I almost always wake up five minutes before. Not only that, but my dreams are never realistic. Most of all, though, I don't want to believe it's all a dream. If I start believing that, I'll start to think I'll never escape this place, and I'll stop trying.

There's no way in hell I'm going to let that happen.

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