Saturday, April 16, 2011

Daily Story 14 - My Best Friend the Piano

I have a friend named Piano. She is a piano. I like her very much. She plays music for me sometimes, but mostly I have to do all the work because she is a piano. She is a player piano, actually. She can play music all by herself.

But you know what? I want to learn how to play the harp. That would be cool. Then Piano would have a friend. I'd name the harp Harp because that way it would be clear what Harp is just by hearing his name. And then I could play the harp while Piano plays a song. Or maybe I would play the piano and Harp could just sit around and be a harp. That would be cool, too.
I like music. It's musical, and music is good. Therefore, I like it. I might go beyond just having a piano and a harp and get another musical friend named Accordion. Accordion would be an accordion, obviously, and she would sound like an accordion, except for when I'm not playing the accordion. Then she would sound like nothing. How about that?

Maybe I'll go find myself some magic balls, too. Then all my musical instruments would be protected, because magic balls protect things. Though not everything, since nothing is safe from the terror of being ruined by Hollywood. Oh well, I doubt they'd be able to make a movie out of this story, seeing as there is no discernible plot to speak of, nor is there any sort of significant character development or deep meaning to be found within these words. That being said, if you start reading into this, you need help. Seriously, it's just a story. This is the real world, people. Get used to it.

But I still want Piano to have her friends Harp and Accordion. That would really be nice. She deserves nice things. After all, Piano is my friend, and I like having friends. Friends are nice. Musical instruments are nice as well. Therefore, having three musical instrument friends would be awesome. Don't you agree?

Of course you do.

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