Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Daily Story 68 - Toodles the Doodle

A little boy drew a doodle once. The little boy named it Toodles. Toodles came to life one night, and the first thing he did was dance a spectacular dance with incredible lighting effects and a lovely song about how he was going to change the world now that he had come to life. He began by making the little boy stop being such a reclusive geek and by the end of the first week of Toodles's brand new life, the little boy was now a lovable popular geek who had tons of friends and was suddenly the star player of his school's football team. Toodles was about to go on to help other little boys and girls be happy in their lives, but the little boy who drew him was sad to see him go, so Toodles sang another unnecessary musical number to make the little boy feel better about their parting. Then Toodles left on his journey and didn't return to the little boy's room until about a year later, when the little boy had suddenly hit puberty and grown into a 5'10" teenager who didn't believe in Toodles anymore. Toodles began to lose his power, but before he became a lifeless drawing once more, the little boy who was now a pubescent teenager had a sudden revelation and began to believe in Toodles again. The teenage boy sang a tragic song when he saw that Toodles had returned to the paper he'd been drawn on and was no longer moving, and though a few dramatic minutes had passed after the boy had ended his song, Toodles returned to life as the boy silently wept, thinking that Toodles was really gone. Toodles cheered the boy up with a celebratory song, and together they changed the world into a happier place full of love and friendship and unnecessary musical numbers.

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