Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Daily Story 63 - The Most Amazing Story EVER

Okay so this one time I was doing something, I don't remember what but I think it was in the kitchen and I was like putting away dishes or something, I dunno, but it was something like that and I was somewhere boring like that doing something boring and stuff. Anyway, I heard this noise, or I think I did, I might have imagined it or something, but I'm pretty sure I heard it so I went to go check it out and there was this thing in the one place, I don't know if it was the bathroom or the dining room but it was somewhere with a table or maybe it was a counter or sitting on a dresser or something but there was this thing sitting on something and I was all 'oh my god what the hell is that thing' and it was all 'Cat, I'm a Kitty Cat' except it didn't actually say that because it was a cat and cats don't talk but whatever you get my point and it went meow meow meow and then I was like CAAAAAAAAAAT and I ran away.

It was awesome.

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