Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Daily Story 56 - A Sail Made of Beards

Once upon a time, in days long past, there came to pass an age of terror, when ruffians and scoundrels ruled the seas and none dared to challenge their powerful empire of wanton piracy and terrible hooliganism. The only decent folks to stand against this tyranny were the Bearded Blokes of Birmingham®, a small group of merchant sailors who never gave into the demands of pirates that boarded their vessel. Of course, this caused trouble for the BBoB®, as the pirates were never very happy to have their demands rejected so bluntly. The pirates would take what they wanted, regardless of what the BBoB® boys (and one rather masculine lady) did, and one day, a group of scallawags tore through the BBoB® sails. This did not deter the BBoB®, however, as they found an innovative, and rather disturbing, solution. They shaved their long, luxurious beards and used the hair to repair the sails. The next group of pirates that came after them took one look at the BBoB® sails and were so horrified that anyone would do such a thing that they turned straight around and never looked back.

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