Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Daily Story 52 - Pile of Clean Clothes

It sat there for days on end, never moving, never changing. Nobody knew where it came from, and nobody knew why it was there. It was simply there, and nobody bothered to touch it. Nobody besides Littlest Tim, that is.

Littlest Tim was an only child from an average middle-class family. He was perfectly healthy and liked to play hockey. He had lots of clothes that needed to be washed, and when his parents did laundry, they would have him carry his clothes to his bedroom straight from the dryer. He would fold them and put them away, then go back to whatever it was he was doing before.

One day, however, he was on his way to a hockey camp and forgot to fold his laundry before he left. Nobody realized that it was left unfolded in his bedroom until he returned a week later, and for some strange reason, it had grown to three times its original size. Littlest Tim inspected the clothing and found that his clothes had mated, which concerned him for a while, but he figured it meant free clothes, so he didn't mention it to his parents. He folded the clothes and put them away, but not before giving them an order to keep the mating to a minimum. They listened to him and saved their mating rituals for special occasions from that moment on.

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