Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Daily Story 50 - Toilets in Space

(Aaaahhhhh so far behind sorry. I'm off my meds, you see... but posting should be back to normal next week.)

"Captain, we've spotted something in the distance."

The Captain looked over and asked, "What is it, Jenkins?"

"It's a... no, I don't believe it!"

"Tell me, Jenkins!"

"It's... it's a giant toilet!"

The entire crew was stunned. They stared at the distant toilet in awe and fear. What was it doing out here? Why was it in space - alone, not installed in any ship? What was going on here?

"Sir! I see another one!"

"What is going on here?" the Captain cried.

Two more toilets appeared by the time they reached the first one, and once they got within range, the crew got an even bigger surprise. The toilet spoke to them.

"Excuse me, do you have Prince Albert in a can?"

Every single being in the ship let out a collective groan, and then the Captain, knowing that they were in need of new toilets, allowed the group of toilets on board. He decided to leave them in a storage room for a while first, though.

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