Sunday, April 17, 2011

Daily Story 31 - The Kittens of Evergreen Ponyland

There was once a bright and beautiful land known as the kingdom of Evergreen Ponyland. It was filled with rainbows and sunshine, and ponies frolicked happily through the fields of fabulous flowers. They played merry games and danced joyous dances, and all was well in the kingdom of Evergreen Ponyland. Until, that is, one dark, stormy day, when the kittens invaded.

They came at midnight, and they brought with them storms of a horrible sort. The ponies had to cancel their pony games because the rain would have soaked them through to the bone. The kitten waltzed through the fields to their own sick, diabolical music and laughed maniacally as they took over the grand pony arena. Things were looking quite grim for the ponies of Evergreen Ponyland. Yes, quite grim indeed.

That is, until one lone pony stood up to the kittens, who were setting up their evil game of yarn batting in the grand pony arena. This pony stood with head held high, and he neighed with the might of a grand pony prince. For indeed, this was the lost pony prince, the only son of the great pony king and queen who had disappeared and had thought to have been lost forever. However, he had simply been wandering the countryside, learning all he could about his country so that he might become a great king himself one day. He had seen the kittens coming and had raced to the grand pony arena to face them.

"Leave this place!" the grand pony prince demanded, his mane blowing dramatically behind him in the wind. "Leave this place now, or forever be shamed for your transgressions!"

"Never!" the kittens proclaimed. "This land is just what we needed, since the malicious bandicoots of Northland invaded our home of Kittania!"

"The bandicoots of Northland, you say?" the grand pony prince asked, hardly believing his ears. It seemed the situation was more dire than even he could have imagined. "This is terrible! Can you not fight back against them?"

"No, we cannot, for they have stolen all our milk and tuna factories, and we are weakened beyond repair," the leader of the kittens explained.

"Then apologize for your rudeness in intruding upon this country, and you shall be welcomed as guests while we find a way to retake your lost homeland," the grand pony prince said.

"We apologize," the kittens said, bowing their little kitten heads in unison. "Thank you for your kindness and generosity. We shall repay you when this is over."

"Then it is settled," the grand pony prince said, then whinnied a whinny so great that all the clouds disappeared. The fields of Evergreen Ponyland became bright and cheerful once more, and the grand pony prince played a grand game of joyous splendor with the kitten king until the sun set on Evergreen Ponyland.

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