Sunday, April 17, 2011

Daily Story 23 - The Man With Blonde Highlights

He was a man of great strength and intelligence, and he never seemed to have a weak moment. He was loved by all, and nobody would say that he hadn't earned it. He did many great things, and he gave more than he had to. He had blonde highlights, and he was on a mission.

He ran dramatically through the town to find the item he required, his highlighted hair blowing in the breeze like a very, very short but still majestic flag. He stopped only to save a little girl from the Evil Pony Brigade, which was made up of some very evil ponies (though all ponies are evil so it's a very big brigade), and to fix a little boy's bike so that he could continue his games the way a little boy should - without crying over a broken toy. He made it just in time to procure the precious treasure, and he gave the cashier a dazzling smile that made her faint, then revive immediately feeling ten times more fantastic, because his greatness was just that powerful.

He ran back to his home and put the item in place. This was it, the final test, the last thing he needed to do to achieve world peace...

Unfortunately, he had never learned that computer games were not reality. He defeated the evil villain of evilness, but that didn't achieve world peace. He still was pretty awesome, though.

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