Friday, May 27, 2011

Daily Story 199 - Talking to a Mirror

Hello, me.
What are you doing?
Whatever it is you're doing.
Okay, that's nice.
Yeah, I know.
So... what are you going to do later?
I dunno. Depends on what you're doing.
Oh, yeah, I guess that makes sense.
Yeah. So... what are you doing?
Oh. I dunno. I might play video games or something.
I guess I'll do that too, then.
But I won't be playing in front of a mirror.
...Well, I guess I'll just pretend that's what I'll be doing and lie to you when you get back.
You don't need to lie.
Okay, then I'll just sit around and be boring and nonexistent.
Aw, that's sad.
I'm a mirror image. What were you expecting?
I dunno.
Well, I guess I'm going to go do stuff now.
Okay. Have fun.
Thanks, you too.

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