Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Daily Story 172 - Juno Hunter Fail, Part 1

This one time my dad, sister and I were out for a walk with my dog Juno and having fun when all of a sudden we noticed Juno was digging furiously for something. We'd seen her do this many times before in an attempt to catch some wild animal, but she'd never been successful since she's loud and the opposite of stealthy (but we love her anyway) so we were just like "dude whatever you're not going to catch it so you might as well give up." Except she did catch it. Apparently whatever animal she'd found had been sick, and we watched in stunned amazement as she tossed her catch in the air. She seemed to be very happy with herself. She had finally succeeded. She tossed her catch up in the air with triumph and joy. The little critter eventually stopped moving. Juno was confused by this development. She stared at her catch and barked at it. She could not understand why it had stopped moving. She barked at it as though it was one of her owners and it was driving off without her, the way she did back in the days when she was newly adopted and had terrible separation anxiety. It was as if she were saying to the dead animal, "Why are you leaving me? I don't want you to leave me! I don't want to be lonely! Come back!" Apparently she did not understand that catching and tossing a small animal around in her mouth would end up killing it. She just wanted her new friend/toy to keep moving around so she could play with it.

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