Sunday, May 22, 2011


I always find it interesting when I go from being off my Adderall XR for a couple days to taking it again. It's such a switch from being all "ughhhh so much to do don't wanna do it gonna play video games because at least that's easy and doesn't get super confusing" to "ughhhh so much to do need to do it all RIGHT NOW" that it amuses me. I guess I can understand why people do drugs even though doing drugs is bad unless you have a prescription and a good reason to be taking them which I do because I can't concentrate on things the way most people do and it gets annoying but right now I'm still switching all over the place but at least I'm doing stuff while I constantly switch around. It's still crazy hectic, though, as you shall soon see because I'm going to write about it. This is pretty much what a day looks like when I'm on Adderall for the first time in a while.

Okay, just took my pill, time to check all my internet stuff while I wait for it to really kick in.

Hm, I should probably get to cleaning my room. It's still a dump right now and all...

Okay, getting things organized. This is good.

Hey, the dog needs to be brushed. I should do that.

Oh, right, I was cleaning out the shelves in that dresser wardrobe thingy, better get back to that.

Ooh, I wanna check that one thing on youtube.

Wait, I still haven't finished brushing the dog.

Okay, I need a box for all this stuff so I can actually make my room look clean.

Ooh baby pictures.

Augh, the dog's still only half brushed.

Oh, I need to make that video still.

Ew, this windowsill hasn't been dusted in ages.

Okay, that's good enough for now, time to brush the dog some more.

Wait, why does my stomach hurt oh yeah I haven't eaten lunch and it's 3 in the afternoon I'd better fix that.

Hang on a sec, we don't keep food in the dishwasher.

Oh, right, I need a plate.

Ooh, leftover spaghetti. And cheese. And and hot sauce yay!

I want orange juice.

Okay, got all the ingredients out, time to make oh wait I have to check a download.

While I'm on the computer, I should really get some other stuff done.

Hey, wait a minute, I put out spaghetti and all that other stuff a while ago. I should really make lunch before I forget again.

Okay, got it in the microwave, back to doing stuff.

Microwave beeped. Time to eat.

Yay for having desk space in my room. I can eat and use the computer at the same time.

Wait, wasn't I going to have orange juice? Oh, yeah, I left the bottle sitting out on the counter. I should probably do something about that.

All right, now I can eat and work and drink orange juice at the same time yay.

But I really need to finish emptying out those shelves before I forget...





Finally, finished my food, time to bring dishes out to the kitchen.


I feel like walking the dog now.

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