Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Daily Story 171 - Excessively Descriptive Descriptions, Part 1

The man was tall, taller than a small bush with a lawn gnome balanced precariously on top of it but not quite as tall as a truck that would lose its top if it tried to drive under an 11' 8" train trestle, and about the same height as a door that went up to about three feet beneath the ceiling of a room that was ten feet tall. He had eyes that were so blue that they would have been a perfect match to a photoshop drawing that used 0, 0, 255 as the color value for his eyes. His teeth were so perfectly white that someone could use the white balance on them and only have a slight tint of blue that wouldn't even be noticed by most people, but if the video were to be presented to a bunch of people with extremely perceptive vision when it comes to white balance on a camera, it could easily be edited out in some film-editing program that allows for fixing white balance because it wasn't that big of a deal to begin with.

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