Sunday, May 15, 2011

Daily Story 187 - Walrus

There once was a walrus named Shploogey. Shploogey didn't like his name much, but everyone else around him absolutely adored it, so he never complained and he never attempted to change it. He simply went by Shploogey until one day, when someone began to sing a song about his name. Shploogey heard this song on the wind, and he waddled (or whatever walruses do) over to see who was singing. It was a small child, and she sang Shploogey's name song as she happily skipped rope all across the land, or at least across the small area of land where she was allowed to skip rope. As he listened to this little girl turn his name into a jump rope song, Shploogey became enraged. He stormed the little girl and slammed her across the yard, and the only thing that stopped him from gouging her eyes out with his sharp tusks was the quick intervention from the girl's parents and a few passing strangers. The little girl was absolutely traumatized, and she did not recover for days. In the meantime, Shploogey found himself having to explain his actions to the people of the town, which was no easy task.

"Why didn't you just say you didn't want us to call you Shploogey anymore?" the mayor asked.

Shploogey hung his head in shame. He knew the mayor was right. He apologized to the girl, and she apologized to him, and he changed his name to Schmoogalof, after the famous tragic Indian prince who had disappeared in Australia somewhere. Shploogey - sorry, Schmoogalof - and the girl eventually overcame their dislike for each other and became fast friends.

For more on Schmoogalof read daily stories 6 and 36.

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