Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Daily Story 176 - Junodog's Guide to Happy Dining Hall Eating, Part 1

(Every once in a while I feel that there is a need for helpful PSAs on here. This one concerns a problem that has been evident for the majority of this year.)

To everyone who eats at my dining hall: please, please, please, please, PLEASE do not stop in the middle of the entrance to have a conversation. I don't like having to be on high alert just to avoid running into people who can't be bothered to pay attention in a high traffic area. Now, I know it might be hard for you to determine which areas are high traffic and which are generally okay to stand around in while having a conversation, so here are some basic guidelines.

One side of a large room: Okay.
At the entrance of a large room: Not okay.
One side of a wide hallway: Okay.
Middle of a wide hallway: Not okay.
Anywhere in a skinny hallway: Not okay.
Around corners: Not okay.
Middle of the food serving area: Not okay.
In front of the dining hall entrance: Not okay.
Near the card-reading machine or hand scanner: Not okay.
Near the place where you put your dirty dishes: Not okay.
Anyplace where lots of people tend to be walking with dishes in hand: Not okay.

In other words, if multiple people have to squeeze by you in order to get somewhere important, you are not in a good place to have a conversation. Please take two seconds to find someplace suitable, continue your conversation while walking, or hold off on the conversation until you are not in a crowded area that has a distinct disadvantage in its organizational structure that makes running into people an inherent risk to begin with.

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