Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Daily Story 175 - Juno Door Fail, Part 2

Unfortunately, the lesson of the screen door did not carry over to our walks outside of town when we'd drive to a parking lot at the beginning of a dirt road and hike in the semi-wilderness (semi meaning there were a couple houses along the road plus other people walking and some old mining structure that the hippies named 'the Gronk' for some reason) and we arrived at the car before Juno did (she's off the leash when we're not in town - more fun for her that way, plus it lessens the risk of her dislocating somebody's shoulder in her excitement to run around). We called Juno to come to the car, and she came running full-blast as my sister (the older of the two) opened the back door of the car. Unfortunately, the door was not all the way open when Juno tried to jump inside. In fact, it was hardly even open at all. She hit the car door and stumbled back, then gave us a look that said, "What was that for?"

I think she's learned her lesson by now but it's hard to be sure.

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