Friday, May 27, 2011

Daily Story 197 - Self-Help That Works

Hey, guess what, teenagers. You are going to be miserable for a long time. Things will get better eventually, trust me, but until then, you're in for several years of shit. Just keep focused on the future, and remember your life won't suck forever. For now, though... just pretend this person here is everyone you hate.

I know you're dealing with a lot of crap emotions right now, so just find healthy ways to get it out of your system so it doesn't get a chance to overwhelm you and start eating at your soul until you become a deranged maniac who screams at small children because they're too loud and obnoxious even though that's what small children do. They act loud and obnoxious because they don't know any better. Yet. They will eventually, just like you'll feel like crap less often eventually, and so I'm here to help you to avoid becoming the crazy person who screams at small children because of things beyond your control.

There are plenty of ways to deal with stress that are healthy and can make you feel better, even if it doesn't seem like they will. It's all about finding an outlet for all that rage and misery and anger and confusion and frustration and whatever else you might be feeling. Once you get those feelings out through some kind of physical or verbal action, it'll be like that moment when you get home and dump your backpack on the ground somewhere and you don't have to sit with it on your shoulders anymore and it feels awesome because I don't know how your school is, but mine liked to make my backpack really damn heavy. You'll feel lighter and happier and it'll be great. Just... don't murder anyone, okay? Trust me, it's way more trouble than it's worth. ...And I'm not saying that out of personal experience. I just know that the satisfaction you'd get would be massively outweighed by the mess and the resulting legal actions against you and the possible emotional scarring that comes from doing something like that. Plus it would look bad on a resumé, and like I said, you need to think about your future.

So yeah. Life is going to be hard for a while. Just try not to let it overwhelm you. It will sometimes anyway, but as long as you try to get through it, it will help. And if you do get overwhelmed despite your best efforts not to be overwhelmed, just remember this: your life sucks. It's not your fault that it sucks, you've just got a lot going against you right now. Ask for help if you can, because you will most likely need it. And you will definitely need some kind of support, even if it's just someone who's willing to listen to you bitch about your life. Be clear about your needs. If there's one thing I learned from Danielle Corsetto, it's that there's one important question that will make every good friendship like 50 times better: "Advice, or sympathy?" The thing is, not everyone knows to ask that question, so you might have to tell them what you need without them prompting you. It all depends.

Feeling miserable is a part of life, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. As long as you're trying to be happy, you're on the right path.

Seriously, though, murder may sound like a good idea in theory, but in reality it's messy and the aftermath tends to be complicated and expensive. Just play Angry Birds or something instead. Or kill video game zombies. That works too. Or maybe find a hobby that doesn't involve staring at a screen all day. I hear physical exercise and creative endeavors work pretty well, too. Try one of those sometime. You never know, it might be useful.

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