Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Daily Story 173 - Juno Hunter Fail, Part 2

Juno did not succeed in catching an animal again for several years until last summer, when she caught a bird right next to where my dad and I were walking on the trail and shook it so hard that we could hear the panicked, horrible tweeting of the bird that sounded all like tweettweettweetweetweetweetweeetweetweetweetweetwetweetweetweetweetweetweetwee until my dad commanded her to drop the bird and leave it. Thankfully, the bird was already dead when my dad checked it, so it did not suffer a long, drawn out death. However, these two incidents remain the only times in her 9+ years of living on the edge of the Colorado wilderness that she's ever caught an animal. The moral of the story is: my dog would not make a very good hunter.

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