Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Daily Story 222 - Blast From the Past 2

(Written in June of 1997, I think, when I was in second grade. I wrote this one on regular wide ruled paper so it's in regular paragraph form, but all spelling and punctuation is the same as in the original.)

The Hurricane

There was another universe. In that universe was a planet much like our own. That planet was ruled entirly by cats, dogs, and ducks. All of those animals were airplanes. One cat was orange and brown striped and had a twin brother. He was 9 years old. He had a younger brother named Clumsy. Clumsy was 7 years old. The twins names were Tiger and Oliver. One day there was a terrible hurricane. Everyone had to clear out of the universe. The three brothers Tiger, Oliver, and Clumsy and all of their friends* got on Tigers plane and moved to earth. Noone went to that universe again.

The End

*this line is hard to read because I apparently forgot to use an eraser, but it more or less says "all of their friends"

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