Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Daily Story 215 - Tricky Trainers

Susie's trainers were not very happy at all. They were stuck covering her feet day after day after day at the stinky, noisy gym that reeked of sweat and always blasted loud 80s workout montage music. And so, one day, the trainers jumped from Susie's bag and took the train to London Heathrow Airport in order to sneak aboard a plane and fly to a better life. However, something strange happened on board that plane. For you see, these trainers had not realized that the language in America, the plane's final destination, would not define trainers as the shoes that they were and always had been. Instead, the trainers found themselves morphing into the American definition of trainers, and so, when they arrived in America, they found themselves in human form, with bulging muscles and handsome smiles, and they knew all there was to know about training one's body in a gym. It was easy for them to find work in America, and they rejoiced in their new lives as American Trainers.

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